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Letter of Agreement

The following is my standard Letter of Agreement. If you are happy with these prices and do not feel that further negotiations are needed, please fax me a signed copy of this letter for each image desired and I will send the appropriate transparencies or digital images immediately.

Discounts: Please discount my fees as follows: 10% if 2 - 3 images are used and
  15% if 4 or more images are used


___________________________________ ___________________________________
___________________________________ ___________________________________
(your name, company, phone and fax numbers) (your shipping address and e-mail address for mailing transparencies and/or digital files)
John Gurche
19 Washington Street
Trumansburg, NY 14886 Phone: 607-387-4111 Fax: 607-387-4111 E-mail:

Dear John Gurche:

I am interested in reproducing image # _____ (the image) in the following publication ___________________ (the publication). This Letter of Agreement will function as legal contract between __________________ (the client) represented by me, and John Gurche (the artist), concerning the reproduction of the image. It is agreed that this letter in no way binds the client to use of the image. However, if the image is used, it does bind the client to the following prices. It is agreed that one-time reproduction of the image in the publication is hereby authorized, contingent upon the following conditions:

1. That the artist be paid a sum of $1,000 American per single page use or smaller: or $ 2,000 American per double page use or smaller (down to single page), drawn on an American bank, within 30 days from the date of this contract. Discounts will apply as follows: 10% for use of 2 - 3 images, and 15% for use of 4 or more images. Checks should be mailed to the artist at 19 Washington Street; Trumansburg, NY 14886.

2. That reproduction of this image will be from a transparency or digital file which the artist will supply, shipped by Federal Express (FedEx) and billed to the clients FedEx number: ______________. This transparency will be returned to the artist to the above address by _______ a.m. | p.m. (Please choose a convenient time).

Furthermore it is understood that the use granted is a one time reproduction, and that any other usage including promotional use would involve a separate negotiation. Cover use is not authorized by this Agreement and must be negotiated with the artist. The copyright to this image remains with the artist. The credit line should read: copyright John Gurche. The above mentioned authorization to reproduce is valid upon the receipt by the client of a copy of this Letter of Agreement signed by the artist.


_______________________ ________________________
(client's signature and date) (artist's signature and date)