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“John Gurche brings a special and detailed understanding of human and comparative anatomy to his illustrations and sculptures of human relatives and ancestors...what emerges from this very special fusion of science and art is a beautifully illustrated guide to human evolution through an accomplished artist’s hands and eyes. But it is more than that: it also chronicles another uniquely human process, one involving creativity and passion in making art. The total package is an intellectual tour-de-force.”
— William Jungers, SUNY Stony Brook

“John Gurche doesn’t just sculpt the various species of early ancestors, he channels them. Shaping Humanity is authoritative yet gentle, objective (in and about a field that is not), and beautifully written.  The illustrations are so breathtaking you will want to put the book on your coffee table, yet its up-to-date and accessible science will be appreciated by anyone interested in the evolution of the human intellectual and creative spark.”
— Dean Falk, author of The Fossil Chronicles: How Two Controversial Discoveries Changed Our View of Human Evolution

“John Gurche brilliantly brings the long human past alive with his powerful reconstructions of our extinct precursors, and skillfully explains just where the boundaries lie between art and science in his demanding profession.”
— Ian Tattersall, author of Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins

“John Gurche is one of the great paleoartists of our time.  In this beautifully illustrated book, Gurche’s skills are on full display as he, quite literally, puts flesh on the bones of our extinct ancestors and relatives spanning the past seven million years.”
— Brian G. Richmond, The George Washington University

Gurche Paleo-Art offers some of the finest images of prehistoric life currently available. John Gurche's award winning work has appeared on the covers of National Geographic, Discover and Natural History Magazines and his work can be seen at the Smithsonian, the Field Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History, among others. His work on the reconstruction of human ancestors has been featured in television documentaries by National Geographic, the Smithsonian, and the BBC. He is well known for his work on the film "Jurassic Park" and for his paintings for the 1989 dinosaur stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service.

Of prime importance in this work are scientific accuracy and a high degree of realism that will transport the viewer in time. Gurche's academic training is in paleontology and anthropology and his work is backed up with a number of ongoing research efforts, including studies in primate anatomy and of fossil collections around the world. His work focuses especially on human origins and on dinosaurs, but includes other ancient life as well.

Gurche is available for commissioned work as time permits and has a healthy bank of images under his copyright for re-use. For commissioned work, long lead times are helpful. Paintings average three to five months, and similar time frames are involved in the sculpted head reconstructions of human ancestors.

Prices tend to be a little higher than average due to the research time involved, but they are sometimes negotiable, especially with the use of multiple images. If you know which images you would like to reproduce and feel no further negotiation is necessary, please complete and send the reproduction Agreement at the end of the catalogue and you will be sent a transparency or digital file to reproduce from.

Gurche remains committed to the excellence that has put his work at the top of the field worldwide. His studio can be reached by phone at 607-387-4111 or email at