Letter of Agreement

The following is my standard letter of agreement. If you are happy with these terms and do not feel that further negotiations are needed, please send me (as an email attachment) a signed copy of this letter, modified to fit your project, and I will send the appropriate digital image(s).

Discounts: 5% if 2 to 3 images are used, and 10% if 4 or more are used.

Your name, company, email address, and phone number: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

John Gurche, jag246@cornell.edu

Dear John Gurche,

I am interested in reproducing your image of _______________________(the image) in the following publication________________________(the publication). This Letter of Agreement will function as legal contract between ____________________________(the client) as represented by me, and John Gurche (the artist), concerning the reproduction of the image. It is agreed that this letter in no way binds the client to use of the image. However, if the image is used, it does bind the client to the following prices. It is agreed that one-time reproduction of the image in the publication is hereby authorized, contingent upon the following conditions:

(1.) That the artist be paid by the client the sum of $900 USD per single page use or smaller; or $1700 per double page use or smaller (down to single page), drawn on an American bank, within 30 days from the date of this contract. Discounts will apply as follows: 5% for use of 2 to 3 images. and 10 % for use of 4 or more images.

(2.) That reproduction of this image will be from a digital file which the artist will supply. It is understood that the use granted is a one-time non-exclusive reproduction, and that any other usage would involve a separate negotiation. Cover use us not authorized by this Agreement and must be negotiated with the artist. The copyright will remain with the artist. The credit line should read ©, year of your publication, John Gurche.

____________________________   ___________________________

client's signature and date                       artist's signature and date